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You clicked on the

print b(" You clicked on the $pos part of the square."); }
print p,a({href=>'../source.html'},"Code examples"); print end_html ();
в) popup.cgi
use CGI;
$query = new CGI;
print $query->header;
print $query->start_html('Popup Window');
if (!$query->param) {
print "<Hl>Ask your Question</Hl>\n";
print $query->startform(-target=>'_new');
print "What's your name? ",$query->textfield('name'); .
print "<P>What's the corobination?<P>",
print "<P>What's your favorite color? ", $query->popup_menu(-name=>'color',
-values=>['red','green','blue','chartreuse']), "<P>";
print $query->submit; print $query->endform;
} else {
print "<H1>And the Answer is...</H1>\n";
print "Your name is <EM>",$query->param(name),"</EM>\n";
print "<P>The keywords are: <EM>",
join(", ",$query->param(words)),"</EM>\n"; print "<P>Your favorite color is <EM>",
print qq{<P><A HREF="cgi_docs.html">Go to the documentation</A>};
print $query->end_html;

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